How can I be sure my ride is waiting for me?

Don’t worry about flight delays. We will monitor you flight in case of up to 1 hour delay on arrival.

If you experience more than 1 hour delay at departure, call us immediately so we can reschedule you pick up time. In case you don’t call us and the flight is delayed over 1 hours on arrival we can’t assure the availability of another driver.

When arriving at the airport, the driver will wait for you for 45 free minutes. Take your time at immigration, baggage pick up or other. In case you need more time, please immediately call us so we can confirm the driver can wait extra time.

In front of your accommodation address, the driver will wait for you for 10 minutes. After that time we will call you to coordinate the pick up. Actual pick up time can be no later than 20 minutes after the booked pick up time.